Aude-Marine & Germain met at the Beaux Arts in Angers. Karouna & Aude-Marine met while working at Starck. Together, they redesigned the 9hotel Cesari interior.

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Germain graduated from Ecole Boulle as a cabinet maker. Damn fine cabinets. But he needed more than just beautifully crafted wooded boxes in his world. Utilising a unique ability to design products blindfolded whilst staring at a whiteboard, he now designs merchandise & products for high end, luxury business clients.

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A graduate of Angers Fine Arts, Aude Marine is an interior designer & first class project manager. Say goodbye to your difficult interior design team & say hi to Aude Marine. She currently works with Patrick Jouin on overseas restaurant projects, having formerly design-managed a string of hotel commissions at Starck.

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Karouna is a go-to person for fabrics, furniture, materials, suppliers, objects & how to put them all together coherently, with real style. She is a high end, luxury stylist that draws from a multi discipliniary career spanning studios Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi, Sebastian Bergne, Trend Union & Starck.