Hotel Cesari is the oldest hotel in Rome. Naturally, we decided to view its renovation as a rendez-vous between the antique & the modern; taking classic Italian decoration & architecture then adding a contemporary twist.

Photography by Yann Faucher


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Morning light turns to daydreaming, people watching to stargazing…


Our objective was to highlight the magnificent, historic view, one of the most beautiful urban vistas in all Rome, without neglecting the re-decoration of the space itself. And, importantly, to create an area to be enjoyed all year round.  

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Old Rome is experienced as a scintillating, ephemeral fragment…


Doric columns & Venetian mirrors are placed within a space introducing terrazzo & brass against a backdrop of Rome’s timeless shades: gold, green & ochre. A hand-painted Trompe-l'oeil is given an unexpected, subtle marble effect, contrasted against a room of deep green & gold leaf.


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Dreams filled with the romance of an ancient time…


The interplay of the central theme carries through into the design of the bedrooms which will have different colour schemes for each floor. Intimate & luxurious rooms for rest & contemplation exist in harmony with the hustle, bustle & architectural carnival of the city outside.


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The rooftop bar is open to the public. The renovation of the bedrooms & lobby is in progress & scheduled for opening in 2020.